Woodworking Dust Collection Pipe

Most cyclones have intake ports of 6 to 8 and some two bag collectors have 5 or 6 diameter intakes so consider at least a 5 main duct. And the second phase is computing the static pressure sp of your system to determine the size and power of your dust collection unit. Dust Collection Piping And Testing 275 The first phase is sizing your duct work for adequate volume and velocity of flow for the type of dust you will be creating.Woodworking dust collection pipe. Companies that specialize in dust collection are much better versed on duct design and in general where you find snaplock pipe they sell larger size pipe. As far as piping that dust collector for 6 it depends on the actual cfm capability of the system most dcs are rated much higher than they actually deliver and the length of your duct. Today im back at it showing you how to setup a dust collection system in your workshop. Once youve invested in a dust collector for your shop and are considering setting it up as a c…